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About the Author

Judy Hall

An internationally known author, astrologer, crystal expert, psychic, and healer, she has authored over 40 books. Her writing has been translated into 16 languages, and The Crystal Bible alone has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

Tool Magic

To prevent marring and scratching of tools and wire designs.

 It makes plier tips smooth and soft for a firm grip. After use, you can just simply peel it off and won't leave residue.

jewelry box organizer
jewelry box organizer
jewelry box organizer

Jewelry Box Case/Organizer

Keep your jewelry or stone collection neatly organized in these lovely velvet cases. 


A perfect gift for anyone who wants their jewelry to stand out!

- 24 Grid elegant jewelry and accessory storage tray

* Removable compartment dividers and a glass lid. Soft to the touch and will protect your jewelry and accessories from any kind of damage or abrasion.

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